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Mare management 

  • Profuture Equine accepts embryo donor mares to be bred with cooled and frozen semen as well to be bred and carry their own foals. A fixed fee is charged per cycle fee which includes all palpations and ultrasound exams.

Oocyte aspiration & ICSI

ICSI stands for Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection. To better explain the process we have put together the following.

An ultrasound exam is performed on donor mare to determine how many follicles are present. Many mares have 12 to 18 immature follicles on their ovaries. This can occur at most anytime in the cycle but perhaps more often when the mare is approaching her heat cycle. The next step is TVA (transvaginal aspiration). An ultrasound guided needle is utilised  to aspirate the oocytes (eggs) from as many follicles as possible. The oocytes are viewed under the microscope, packaged for transport and shipped to the facility perform the ICSI. At the ICSI facility they are matured for around 24 hours prior to injection. The oocytes that mature are then injected with sperm cell. They are then incubated for 7-9 days and the injected oocytes that mature into embryos are then placed into recipient mares. If a large number of embryos are produced they can be vitrified (frozen).

While this procedure is successful much of the time, is not a guarantee. Not all the oocytes mature, not all injected oocytes make embryos and not all embryos transferred make pregnancy. Most mares "ICSI'd" do produce foals 

This technology, while still recently utilised commercially in the horse industry, is proving to be invaluable to those who might otherwise be unable to obtain foal with tradition breeding methods. We are happy to answer any other questions regarding ICSI that you might have.

Embryo transfer & recipient mare rental

Profuture Equine is home of top quality recipient mares. All mares are microchipped for tracking and assurance of record keeping. Our team here at PFER works hards to offer the latest in state-of-the-art technology, which makes our success rates high and allows us to offer a LIVE FOAL GUARANTEE (excluding ICSI) that is unique in the industry

Profuture Equine Reproduction specializes in low fertility mares and embryo transfer using both cooled and frozen semen. 

Embryo Transfer 

Embryo transfer is an increasingly technique with many advantages. Here at PFER, we are excited to offer this service to the US equine breeding market. 

In practical terms, embryo transfer (ET) is essentially a surrogate pregnancy. A donor mare is inseminated, but instead of carrying the pregnancy, the embryo is flushed from her uterus and implanted into a recipient mare, which then carries the pregnancy to term.

One of the main advantages of ET is that it allows for the production of a greater number of foals, with minimal disruption to the biological parents sporting careers.


Profuture operates a foaling program with attention given to all details. Twenty-four hour observation is provided for all late term mares.

Any abnormalities receive the immediate attention of the on-site resident veterinarian. New foals receive all needed care. The mare's colostrum is checked for level of antibodies. The foal is observed for adequate nursing and good health. A blood test (IgG) is performed on the foal at 18 hours of age to determine if adequate levels of antibodies were received from the colostrum 

Sale Fitting 

ProFuture offers a top-notch sale fitting program with proven results. To Achieve those results your horse(s) are exercised and groomed daily while being fed the very best quality feed and hay. No detail is overlooked from Ferrier needs to health benefit such as worming , vaccinations and radiographs when required. Every effort is made to support you, from farm or ranch and your horses with first class representational the sale as well as back at our farm when potential buyers come by to visit. Contact us for more information on custom packages 

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