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About Us 

ProFuture Equine Reproduction Center is a full service equine fertility facility in Oklahoma.

ProFuture Equine offers a full range of specialized reproductive services. From fertilization to birth, we utilize state-of-the-art technology to ensure the health of your stallion, mare and foal. 


Your resource for expanding your breeding program outside of the U.S. An USDA approved site for semen freezing and shipment to the European Union, South America, Canada, and Australia.

Located in the Heart of horse country, just a mile and a half off I-35in Purcell Oklahoma, this facility has been a part of the lucrative Quarter Horse breeding world, where to Stallions like "Invitation Only", "Hot and Blazing", "Dash For Perks", PYC Paint Your Wagon" and others stood as studs and now is home to ProFuture Equine Reproduction. This 135 acre Historic Oklahoma Stud Ranch is only 35 miles South of Oklahoma City where some of the largest events in equine sports are held.

Our Mission 

Our dedicated and passionated team of veterinarians and staff strive to provide the absolute best equine reproductive service possible.

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